So you listened to a show or two and want some background info, right? Well here it is. Unfit for FM was started back in 2010 with Bryan at the helm and Larry as his co-host. Things were very different in those days. In fact you could say they were down right terrible, but I digress. After 23 shows together Larry left over what we call a “domestic dispute” between him and his wife. This opened the door for Anchor, everyone’s favorite recovering alcoholic. With him taking over the co-host position starting with episode 24, UFM began to take shape as the show you know today.Bryan and Anchor have become one of the most mildly popular duos in all of internet radio. Even with minor setbacks and the occasional hiatus, we continue to produce a high quality show for you to listen every week.

Based in the Metro Philadelphia area, Unfit for FM isn’t a show for everyone. It takes a pretty thick skin to be one of our listeners. We aren’t afraid to push boundaries and say things others only think. In short, we trash everything, even stuff we like, but in a fun sort of way. We cover any number of topics in a given show. Anything from pop culture and politics to our personal lives and the daily workings of our mildly popular show. We also have been known to dish out helpful advice to our listeners, as well as set a few of them up on a date or two.

So give us a listen, join us in our chat and maybe leave us a voicemail or three. We strive to include our listeners in our broadcast. So don’t be afraid, we want you to interact. We promise to take it easy on you your first time… maybe.


First and foremost Unfit for FM is a LIVE show broadcast right here on UnfitForFM.com We are live every Wednesday from 7-9pm eastern. During our show you can join us in our live chat room and interact with other listener and the hosts themselves. Many of the comments posted in the chat are read and discussed on the show.

If you can’t join us live each show is available on demand with many options for you to choose from.
















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